Our vision

Expanding our leadership position in the creation of lasting assets. Sustainably and profitably, we are growing and expanding into new markets – worldwide. In doing so, we are consolidating our economic basis and, for the benefit of our customers, creating long-term security and freedom of action.

Our mission

Accompanying – and inspiring – our customers with a comprehensive professional service. The focus here is on increasing efficiency and quality.
Our goal is to develop solutions that generate added value for both sides. Shared success only arises when both are excited about the result and it becomes more than the sum of their individual parts.
Our customers benefit from our know-how because we do what we do best – planning and action geared towards long-term success. We always work in a goal-oriented way, whereby we do not neglect the due care for the day-to-day business.

Innovate marketing

Markets are on the move. What promised success yesterday can already be outdated today. We are at the forefront because we know what it takes to care, buy and sell investment property. We recognize potential and create new differentiated solutions for each individual object.

Market independently

Our credo is independence and independence. Free from any foreign influence, we analyze markets and find the optimum for each customer. Through our broad network we have free access to all market participants such as investors, buyers, sellers and tenants and tenants.

Credibly market

Our heart beats for tailor-made assets and real estate marketing. We communicate precise data and develop a clear pricing strategy – tailored to the object and the customer.

Marketing performance-oriented

We act with commitment, always on our own responsibility and at a high level of performance. After all, we want enthusiastic customers over the long term who come back and whose advice benefits the whole group.

Our culture

We demand, promote and control ourselves. We take responsibility and work reliably with our partners, such as investors, banks and notaries. Our own self-critical development guarantees us to always be at the forefront of the market – for the benefit of our customers.

Clear values

A fair and reliable partner is not on paper. We accept the challenge of modern demands on the future. In order for us to succeed, our Guidelines and Guides are an ethical and moral guide to open and honest behavior – not only within Market Investing Global, but also with our partners, providers and competitors.
We stand for these values. Clear, clearly defined and without exception.