Are you interested in investment opportunities in existing and new construction projects in the residential, commercial or industrial sector? You are a private person or a company and looking for investors – private or institutional – to finance your projects? Then Market Investing Global is the right partner!
In the beginning, we want to get to know and understand your project as closely as possible; be it in the planning or already in the implementation.

We use our competence and commitment for your benefit.
– advice and support on site; also in your business premises or on the object
– development of optimization possibilities.
– You then decide with which services and to what extent we will work for you.

We bring our expertise, our network and our know-how for high-return and sustainable investment opportunities in residential, commercial and industrial real estate.
As an independent property development consultancy, Market Investing Global finds investors and investment opportunities in lucrative construction projects worldwide.

Accompanying and marketing new construction projects in such a way that the expected return targets are actually achieved is a key task throughout the entire project. Our experienced project management knows the right target groups, the most efficient processes and the key points for the successful implementation of a project idea.

Integrated, careful planning and analysis are at the beginning and are crucial success factors in any new construction project.

We analyze markets and locations and provide investors with sound recommendations on target groups, housing mix, floor plans and prices. In project development, we efficiently bring together planners, users, landowners and investors.

Our support ranges from the creative idea to the successful outcome: To provide sustainable solutions, Market Investing Global is networked with institutional investors and with partners in the areas of law and finance, construction, insurance and project development.

Of course we are your partner not only for new projects. We also offer competent project development and support for renovation, conversion, rebuilding and reorientation.

You want a completely new home or want to make your home shine in new splendor?

We accept your wishes and ideas and implement them. We are happy to take on the planning and implementation of construction projects in the area of ​​new construction, renovation and renovation.

We assist our clients in the purchase and sale of real estate and real estate packages and in project development through to structured sales, taking into account tax and corporate law aspects. Our consulting approach focuses on the key parameters of the respective transaction so that – in addition to legally compliant settlement – a not inconsiderable competitive advantage for our clients is generated. Our advice also covers all construction law matters, the preparation of general contractor and architect contracts, building lease and service contracts, (what is that?) Existing contracts, as well as the large number of real estate-related contracts and agreements. (eg hotel lease or management contracts, etc.). Their individual design depends on the individual case. We also look after client and investor models.
– Submit a realistic assessment of the sales opportunities of your property.
– Openness and transparency. You know what costs to come to you.
– We advise you on the appropriate marketing opportunities,
– You decide which marketing measures are used!
– safeguarding your interests. They do not give anything out of hand.
– We advise you on the selling price of your property.
– You decide to which price and which prospective customer you want to give the contract!

Market Investing Global specializes in selling and leasing commercial real estate.
Our consulting services make a valuable contribution to your business success.

No matter where you place your focus – entrepreneurial growth, solid investment or secure real estate basis for your business concept – with MIG you are well advised in all matters relating to commercial real estate.

Our goal is to realize your ideas as much as possible.

When placing a real estate search mandate, we will search for the market for matching properties. The scope of the mandate and your detailed requirements for the property are decisive for us in advance.

Do you buy and sell building land worldwide?
Are you looking for suitable land for your project?
Are you planning to expand at a new location?
Do you have building land for sale and are you looking for a suitable solvent buyer?

The successful marketing of real estate of any size is one of our strengths.
Use our professional approach for optimal results in terms of price and marketing time.
We assure you full commitment and high motivation.

Whether land or old property, we are constantly looking for building land, which are preferably suitable for apartment buildings.

We are rebuilding existing buildings so that they comply with current requirements and state-of-the-art technology.

But no matter what project we devote ourselves to, one principle always remains the same: living comfort must mean well-being. In this sense, we create new living environments and realize dreams.

You want to sell your property or land?

Here are the reasons that speak for us: We prepare your offer professionally and effectively. In this way, we address a large circle of prospective buyers in our network and externally. Thanks to careful preparation, we achieve quick decisions and speedy completion of the sale. Just get in touch with us.

In market analysis, utilization and overbuilding studies with cost and yield estimates (together with our partners in architecture and general contracting) you benefit from our network and achieve the best possible prices. We know which buyer group is suitable for your building land and who pays the best price.

Our appealing sales documentation with photos and quotation conditions prove to be a good door opener for suitable target groups. We search prospective buyers, conduct negotiations and examine offers and creditworthiness of the buyers. If you have decided, we accompany you in drafting the contracts and up to the land registry.

Search order
For active investors, we are looking specifically for real estate and usually find the desired property. In a personal conversation we accept the individual search criteria and record them in our customer file. Our search is discreet and efficient. We switch on our dense network of relationships in order to find YOUR desired object within a reasonable time. Just contact us!

You own building land and want to sell? For builders and customers, we are constantly on the search for suitable base areas – with and without existing old buildings. We realize our own projects or pass on the real estate to prospective buyers.

Do you have a buildable plot and need a development proposal, a feasibility study or would you like to build a replacement building? Then Market Investing Global is your competent partner.

Whether multiple or single plot, whether with existing property or undeveloped, we are constantly looking for building plots throughout the world.

We are happy to take over the professional conversion, marketing, brokerage or sale for you and look after you discretely, with expertise and many years of experience.

Call us – our team is looking forward to hearing from you, or send us a message via the  online form.

Buying and selling companies, the area commonly referred to as “M & A” (Mergers & Acquisitions) requires business and entrepreneurial expertise.

Our specialists realize the successful buying and selling of companies .
MIG offers you competent, honest advice and mediation in business succession or company takeover.

sales We provide you with a realistic company valuation as a basis for purchasing price determination. This is followed by the creation of a meaningful synopsis to address potential buyers. We are looking for the right successor for you and check its creditworthiness, so that your business will continue in good hands.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Acquisition We analyze for sale intensively. We advise, examine and inform you openly about strengths and weaknesses of the desired enterprise object, so that you are safe later from problems and negative surprises. We are happy to bring you together with willing entrepreneurs from our large portfolio and realize a smooth takeover.

Your concerns in the areas of investment opportunities, buying / selling companies, are best discussed in person. Therefore, make an appointment without obligation and free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you via e-mail or just give us a call.

The complexity of selling a company requires a lot of dedication and tact. Above all, however, an intensive, long-term planning. Personal interests must be reconciled with economic developments, tax circumstances, personnel issues and legal framework conditions.

A professional handling of this mostly unique event is therefore essential. The art of selling a company is to use the right package of measures at the right time. As a process specialist, we take care of the entire sale of your company, from the detailed company evaluation to the targeted marketing to the final contract signing.

Ablauf beim Immobilienkauf


The selection of candidate properties

We would like to ask the listing conditions of the clients, you want to make funds based on market research, to write the leadership of the list. Repeat the exchange, we will continue on the selection of your Kibounisou listing among them.

MLS = M. El es = (Multiple Listing Service)

And information about the properties that are put up for sale, the company real estate brokerage (securities trading, buying a stock, bond or mutual fund), which have received a request from the seller at any time , the information registered in the real estate system MLS. Real estate companies like China , instead of havingeach of the information by region, all the sales information about the MLS were shared between professionals in the field. So it has become important to the agent that how to choose a reliable experience. Since MIG’s search page is linked directly to the MLS, we need to get the latest property information right awayspread.


Property Preview (show queuing)

We will actually look at the properties that have been selected for customers. (In order to have a preview of the property contact the seller site agent, set up to show you the property you will need.) Able to get in touchwith me by actually planning 48 hours of previewing before and choosing your property , you can set the preview to the date and time. )


Application of the purchase (offer)

If you buy the property that you wish you to purchase in detail in the real estate purchase agreement, put the order to the seller side .


Agreement of Purchase Agreement (Accept / Counter Offer)

Or seller side to the application (offer) purchase agreement or create the conditions change offer documents(counter offer) and delivered to the buyer side .


Establishment of trust

If you are an agreement to the purchase agreement to open an account on an Anderkonto.

Escrow = Escrow

Seller side and enter in the position of neutrality between the buyer side, or my holding down payment from the seller side to transfer real rights transfer, financial institutions of a third party or to manage the procedure of documents. Common to the process for the purchase and sale of real estate is made by the trust company. Used by the escrow, not only the administration of the down payment to be paid by the buyer until the optimal in real transfer of rights, the full amount of the purchase price to be paid by the seller, before real transfer of rights to the first time the seller side after changed the nameSince paid, the buyer side, after the name has been neatly made to themselves to get things done, the money you can be sure to move on the buyer side. In addition, the seller side is also clear that the buyer side of the money was credited to a different account, you can change the name with confidence.


First serious payment of (initial deposit)

Usually there is a payment of the first down payment as soon as you open the Escrow. Payment is made to the bank transfer or check in advance, by having the check opened a Hawaii bank account, since the payment of the corresponding be smooth, if you want to pay by check, bank in advance we recommend that you open an account.


Overview of property names (Puririminari title report)
Escrow will investigate, will deliver its report to the buyer side. To review the contents of the investigation report the name discussion collection and mortgage existence. The name Investigation Report, the name of the current owner, including the presence or absence of the loan, is listed as the provisions of the law on a property. The content was confirmed within a certain period of time, if there is a cloudy suspicious point and the name is, usually the seller to change the name, and then the no name cloudy buyer to transfer..

Fact Statement Content disclosure related to the seller side of the property (Cellars Property Disclosure Statement)
You will receive a fact content disclosure statement regarding a property on the buyer side from the seller side. In fact, disclosure document, the flaw in terms of repair issues content is what the fact the content was described as long as the sellers know. After disclosure, buyers accepted to verify the content within the time limit specified in the contract, and the approval.

[In the case of Condominium: documents related condominium (apartment documents)]
operating status, conditions, the board of directors of the report, such as.

[In the case of single-family]
set building permit, the content of the building permit and building conditions.

[In the case of association]
Construction provisions and conditions. Like the board of directors of the report.

The acceptance of the various documents → confirm → confirmation


Object Survey (Property Inspection)

The specialty of the house investigator buyer side is the employment (principal examiner), we have carried out an overview of the property, real estate report (inspection report) you will receive the buyer side. On the basis of this content or go with the real estate purchase process, as it stands, and then negotiate it with the sellers, if there is a repair where necessary.

■ If the prior approval of the contract
Say you accept the seller side of a property as they stand to submit the documents of the “authorization”, paying the second deposit (second deposit). (First deposit equal, you will pay by bank transfer or check.)

■ If you want to cancel
Look at the results of the report, the case can not be met with the condition of the property, the buyer will be able to cancel the contract. First deposit paid at this location, with the exception of property inspection cost, will be refunded on the buyer side.


Termite Survey (Tamaito Inspection)

In the seller side of the load, inspection selected by the buyer side research firm termites will be carried out. If the habitat has been confirmed by termites do so to burden the termites destruction in the seller side. Termites erode the columns and foundations, if a big problem is found on the structure, the buyer will be able to terminate the contract.


In the case of single-family: land surveying (staking / survey)

In the case of single-family, land surveying held at the expense of the seller. The results of the survey , if you like the fence enters the country beyond the fault specification of the next, Torikawashi an agreement with the neighbors.


The last property survey (Final Walk-Through)

Make a final check before delivery of the property. Removal confirmation of the seller of personal property and garbage, check furniture is the case with a cleaning situation and furniture, in the event that the repair request , checks for repair parts .


Signature of the registration documents (authentication procedure)

After the above conditions are all well-equipped, the signing and notarization procedures have to registration documents. If you are in Japan, you will be asked to notarise the procedures at the US embassy or notary office .


The payment of the rest

The balance will be up to 3 days prior to the filing date to the escrow bank account specified will be transferred .


Registration (admission)

Object name change registration is completed, it will be the delivery of the property. Receiving the key fromthe seller side, the transfer is complete.