Invest nationally and globally

Look for lucrative investment opportunities; nationally or worldwide?
Are you looking for a partner who will assist you with all investment questions?
Do you have specific preferences, expectations or ideas regarding your investment?
Welcome to Market Investing Global.

Our worldwide contact network gives us access to a wide variety of projects and offers. Experienced partners take you by the hand and explain you the various possibilities of the investment.
Various investor models are available for you to choose from, so that you can decide on the suitable returnable property.
We explain the feasibility and profitability of the respective projects and calculate the expected returns. This gives you a solid basis for making a successful investment.

Investment opportunities

As a private investor, you have the opportunity to invest in companies that have been carefully evaluated by MIG. We value a sustainable concept, passionate founders and a viable organization. They invest in the long-term development of the respective company and participate in its increase in value.

You can get an insight into our projects under the offers. If you have specific projects or are interested in future projects, please contact us. We would be happy to explain you the possibilities of a profitable investment in our real estate offer. If necessary, we will also bring you together with suitable financially strong partners for your plans.


  • Marketing of villas
  • Marketing of single-family homes
  • Marketing of condominiums
  • Marketing building land

Market Investing Global creates real estate values ​​worldwide. Do you have a part in the success? Through targeted investment in lucrative real estate projects and our high-quality and innovative services for business and private property owners.

Transparency and trust

You will receive all relevant information about the various investment opportunities offered by MIG in the first conversation with us. Through transparency and openness to our customers, we create a climate of trust and lay the foundation for long-term, rewarding cooperation.

Fair conditions

A good investment needs a fair framework. But how can we differentiate between “good” and “bad” investments?

We use sophisticated strategies and systems to reliably identify risks and opportunities. We are intensively examining whether and how an investment will have a lasting effect. Our goal is to offer investments with low risks and long-term high returns.

Our clients are private investors, family businesses, banks, funds and insurance companies.

Informed at any time

Transparency is our top priority.
Our customers are regularly informed about their investments and their developments and earnings expectations. Customers can request a current interim report at any time and even set new investment priorities.

An optimum of performance and quality

We are always aware of the responsibility for your investment. That is why we attach great importance to professional project management. This guarantees compliance with the agreed products, deadlines, costs and quality standards.