Support us, and you’ll get your commission! (or, and we want to reward you for that)?

By participating with the Market Investing Global,   you can receive commissions with the help of recruited clients, (may yours be families, friends, acquaintances) .

Each person is entitled, whether you are a private person or company, with a minimum of a few minutes each, for example, to write a phone call or e-mail us.

How does this work? 
Do you know someone who needs expert property assessment? Or someone who has land or property for sale?
If so, then give it to us and you will get your commission.

Or, if they have their own real estate and need expert property valuation, or you have land for sale or land for sale, then we will gladly reward you with a sublime amount of money because we would not have to invest in marketing.

What should you do? 
They tell us about the provider, ‘who’ needs this service, or has to sell the building land / parcel or property.

You can make an impact quickly if you share with your «Families, Friends, Known», you have even more chance to get your commission / reward, or to share with them.

We look forward to the exchange and mutual support.

You can contact us by phone +41 44 818 19 80,   or via our contact form